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Справочник Монако

Справочник Монако

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Fight Aids Monaco

11 Boulevard Charles III
98000 Monaco

+377 97 70 67 97
+377 97 70 67 96

Fight Aids Monaco is an outgrowth of two previous Associations:

- Monaco Sida, founded in 1996 by Miranda Viale-Douala and subsequently presided over by Dr. Michel SIONIAC, Mrs. Renée FORCHINO and Dr. Bruno TAILLAN.
- Femmes face au Sida, created in 2003 by H.S.H. Princess Stephanie

Fight Aids Monaco was launched in July 2004, with the following goals:

- information
- prevention
- support

In order to protect oneself in a situation involving risk, one has to have acquired a minimum of information.
-to inform means to give each person the necessary means
-to weigh his or her attitudes, choices, actions…
-to know the facts about the AIDS epidemic and the risks of contamination…

To prevent means to provide knowledge for effective protection against the infection of one and/or the other partner in a relationship. i.e. the various means of contamination, but also and above all the awareness of when to use a condom, to test for HIV, to seek medical treatment.

In the same perspective. FIGHT AIDS MONACO receives people who are directly or indirectly affected by the AIDS virus. and offers them consideration. a chance to talk. answers to their questions. and psychological or material support.

All of the Association's actions are based upon a fundamental principal of confidentiality. respect and absence of judgement.


-organizes informative meetings for the general public. and in schools and universities.
-aids and comforts people afflicted by the AIDS virus and their families.
-collects funds in the context of charitable events.
-supports research.

Our activities. and particularly the financial aid we give to HIV patients in need. are made possible through private contributions.

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