Important dates in the history of the Principality of Monaco

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Principality of Monaco


Important dates

Important dates in the history of the Principality of Monaco

  The important dates

  10 June 1215
Monaco in the XIIrd century Monaco is taken by the Genoese. The Grimaldi lays the first stone of the stronghold which today is the Prince's Palace. Their leader, Fulco des Cassello, obtains sovereignty for all of the land surrounding the Rock of Monaco from the Emperor Henri VI. In order to attract more inhabitants, Fulco des Cassello grants great advantagesBlason of the Grimaldi to newcomers such as free land and tax exemptions. From that date forward, the Rock becomes the object of the ongoing struggle between the two parties disputing power in the Republic of Genoa, the Ghibellines, partisans of the Emperor and the Guelfs, faithful followers of the Pope.

The Guelfs and their allies, the Grimaldis, are expelled from Genoa. They take refuge in Provence with all of their armed forces..

  8 January 1297
Disguised as a Franciscan monk, François Grimaldi penetrates the stronghold of Monaco. From that day on, the coat of arms of the Grimaldis will include the image of two armed Franciscan monks. The Principality celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1997, on this date which represents the first possession of Monaco by the Grimaldi family.

The Grimaldis lose control of Monaco.

  12 September 1331
Charles I reconquers the Rock. Many consider him to be the true founder of the Principality. He buys back property of the Spinolas, allies of the Ghibellines, and then the doMayns of Menton and Roquebrune and becomes the first Lord of Monaco.

The King of France, Charles VIII and the Duke of Savoy recognize the sovereignty of Monaco.

After a siege of more than 100 days, the Genoese were repelled by the garrison of Lucien I.

Louis XII, King of France, recognizes the independence of Monaco.

Augustin I, in disagreement with the French authorities, places Monaco under the protectorate of the Spaniard, Charles-Quint.

Upon the advice of his uncle, the Prince of Valdetare, Honoré II takes the title of the Prince and Lord of Monaco. This title, recognized by the King of Spain, is passsed to his successors.

  14 September 1641
After 10 years of negociation and thanks to the influence of Richelieu, Honoré II and Louis XIII sign the Treaty of Péronne which recognizes the sovereign right of Monaco and grants the Prince and his descendants an equality of rank with the highest French nobles. The French Kingdom thus ensures a protective friendship with the Principality of Monaco.

  17 November 1641
The Spanish garrison evicts from Monaco and they are replace by the french garrison.

Death of Prince Honoré II who during his reign continually makes improvements to the Prince's Palace: - construction of the South wing which closes the Grand Apartments (today open to visitors)- creation of a prodigious collection of art objects (over 700 paintings, pieces of furniture, tapisteries and silverware).

  1662 - 1701
Reign of Louis I, nephew of Louis XIV. He is chosen as French Ambassador to the Holy See.

Antoine I accedes to the throne. He undertakes important construction projects on the fortifications to protect Monaco from any risk of invasion by the Duke of Savoy who occupies Provence. The access ramp and the tour of "oreillon" are constructed during his reign.

Louise Hippolyte have reign 10 month and is husband take the Regency (Jacques de Goyon, Sire of Matignon). Husband of Princess Louise-Hippolyte, he must give up his name and his arms to accede to the throne under the name of Jacques I.

  7 November 1733
Jacques I "abdicates" in favor of his 13-year-old son, Honoré III.

  15 February 1793
Monaco is annexed by France under the name of Fort Hercule. The Palace treasures are dispersed. During the entire French Revolution, the Princely Family will live through a terrible time. The wife of Joseph Grimaldi (2nd son of Honoré III) is guillotined in 1794.

30 May 1814
The first Treaty of Paris restores to Monaco and its Princes their rights of before January 1, 1793.

  20 Novembre 1815
The second Treaty of Paris places Monaco under the protectorate of the King of Sardinia. The local population is subjected to trying times under this less advantageous treaty.

  20 March 1848
Menton and Roquebrune proclaim themselves independent and place themselves under the protectorate of the Sardes.

Charles III accedes to the throne.

  2 February 1861
The Prince gice the townof France Menton and Roquebrune. The Principality thereby loses 80% of its territory, however its independent status is at last recognized. France begins work on connecting Nice to Monaco by a coastal road, as well as creating a stop in Monaco on the pre-existing railroad line betwe en Nice and Genoa.

The company the Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers is leased to François Blanc for 50 years and he is granted a monopoly on gambling.

First Monaco stamp issued.

  1 June 1866
The Spélugues Plateau is named Monte-Carlo in honor of Prince Charles III.

All forms of direct taxation are abolished.

   The Opera of Monte Carlo1879
Monte-Carlo Opera inaugurated.

Adoption of the colors Red and White for the Flag of Monaco.

  15 March 1887
The Diocese of Monaco is created.

Death of Charles III. Albert I, his son, accedes to the throne. A devoted scientific, he is particularly interested in oceanography and research on prehistory. He have created the peace institute.

Creation of the Automobile Club of Monaco.

Creation of the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology.

   The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco - Monte Carlo1906
Foundation of the Oceanographic Institute.

  29 March 1910
Inauguration of the Oceanographic Museum which is part of the Oceanographic Institute.

  5 January 1911
The Principality of Monaco becomes a constitutional monarchy.

Organization of the first Automobile Rally in Monte-Carlo.

Louis II succeeds his father.

Birth of the future Rainier III.

First Automobile Grand Prix of Monaco.

Inauguration of the Exotic Garden.

Monaco issues its own stamps throug the Office des Timbres-Poste.

The first Louis II is inaugurated.

First broadcast of Radio Monte-Carlo.

  9 May 1949
His Royal Highness Prince Rainier III suceeds his father, Prince Louis II.

  18 April 1956
Prince Rainier III marries Miss Grace-Patricia Kelly.

  23 January 1957
Birth of Princess Caroline.

  14 March 1958
Birth of His Royal Highness, Prince Albert.

First International Television Festival.

  17 December 1962
New Constitution.

  18 May 1963
Signing of a fiscal and customs agreement between Monaco and France.

  1 February 1965
Birth of Princess Stephanie.

End of construction of Fontvieille (2.94 acres taken from the sea).

Opening of the National Museum.

Creation of the International Circus Festival.

  14 September 1982
Death of Princess Grace in a tragic car accident.

  28 May 1993
The Principality is admitted into the United Nations.

  June 1996
Monaco obtains its own telephone country code, "377".

Celebration of the 700th Anniversary of the Grimaldi Reign.

Jubilé 50 years of Prince Rainier III Reign.

Monaco's Crown Prince Albert represented the Principality at the ceremony on 5 October 2004 to mark his country's accession to the Council of Europe. He made a speech in the Assembly Chamber.

  6 April 2005
Death of Prince Rainier III.

His son becomes Prince Albert II.

1/2 July 2011
Prince Albert II marries Miss Charlene Wittstock.

December 10th,2014
Birth of Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier and Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie.

Juillet 2015
Festivities for the 10 years reign of HSH Prince Albert II


Genealogical Tree will help situate you in the 700 years of Grimaldi Family reign.

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