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Конгрессы, семинары


Залы для конгрессов

Залы для конгрессов

TB Events
Receptive Agency

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Современная эффективная  структура организации мероприятий "под ключ" на самый изысканный вкус

Княжество Монако представляет уникальный "Волшебный круг" в несколько сот квадратных метров для организации самых фантастических,  роскошных и респектабельных мероприятий. Все необходимое для незабываемого события в Монако отработано до мелочей, самых незаметных на первый взгляд деталей. Этот "волшебный круг" расположен вокруг знаменитого Казино и объединяет в сердце Монако 5 залов для конгрессов и конференций, оборудованных самыми совренными технологиями.

Auditorium Rainier III
boulevard Louis II - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone

Centre de Rencontres Internationales
12 avenue d' Ostende - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone
Headquarters for the Princess Grace Theater, the CRI consists of, for the needs of business tourists, 2 meeting rooms and a bar.

Grimaldi Forum Monaco
10 avenue Princesse Grace - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone

New convention center (inaugurated in July 2000), daringly built out over the sea , it is an architectural challenge consisting of a total area over 35,000m², split on various levels in order to enable different events to be held simultaneously and yet independently : conventions, exhibitions, gala dinners, shows. The Grimaldi Forum provides state-of-the-art communication technology and will be the meeting place of all the professionals .
 Capacity : 35000m² of area
 3 auditoriums of 2500 places on total
 23 breakout rooms with a full capacity of 1200 places
 13000m² exhibition areas split on various levels
 many others settles like the Foyer Bar, 2 congres restaurants….

Le Carr
22 avenue Princesse Grace - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone

Monte-Carlo Festivals
5. Av des Ligures - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone

Espace Lo Ferr
7. terrasses de Fontvieille - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone

Multipurpose complex, administered by the Festival Committee of the Mongasque Municipal Council, situated beneath the Terraces of Fontvieille which dominate the Port under the Grimaldi Rock. This 1,714 m room can accommodate banquets for up to 850 people, but can also be used for shows (1,100 seats) or cocktails (up to 1,800 standing).
Moreover, 36 conference rooms are available in the luxury hotels and the other hotels in the surrounding area. (Monte-Carlo Grand Htel, Le Mtropole Palace Htel, Htel de Paris, Htel Hermitage, Htel Mirabeau, Le Sporting d'hiver, Le Sporting d'Et, Htel Le Mridien Beach Plaza, Abela Htel). To enhance your stay, The Principality has numerous attractions, 3 casinos, 5 heatedswimming pools, 3 cinemas, 6 discotheques and hundred of shops. This modern well-equiped infrastructure, with its team of professionals on hand to assist organisers, makes the Principality an international meeting place where ideas are exchanged.

Le Sea Club Centre de Congrs
20 avenue Princesse Grace - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone
Inaugurated in october 1997, the Sea Club Center is managed by the Mridien Beach Plaza Hotel located adjacent to the Sea Club, on the avenue Princesse Grace, in the coastal Larvotto district. This congress center is overlooking numerous terraces with idyllic panoramic views on the swimming pools and the sea.
-12 meeting rooms whith a capacity from 20 to 570 peoples
-4 laundscaped terraces, giving a total surface area of more than 1,5000 m split over four levels
-1 fitness center.

L'espace Fontvielle
- - 98000 Monaco
Contact by phone

A round marquee, called the "Chapiteau", 62 m2 in diameter (2000 m2), made of thick canvass and supported by four columns. The thickness of the canvass, white on the outside and blue on the inside, filters the daylight and allows for the projection of light shows inside.
- 4250 seats of which 3000 are molded plastic seats, 1050 are bleachers and 200 are raised loggia.
- Center stage : 286 m2.
- Center stage + the space left if the first row of bleachers is dismantled : 555 m2.
- Center stage + the space left if the first two rows of bleachers are dismantled : 1069 m2.
- Center stage + the space left if the first three rows of bleachers are dismantled : 1908 m2.
- Exhibition space available around the outside of the Chapiteau : 1900 m2.

La Costa Properties Monaco - Immobilier Monaco

Park Palace - Rsidence trs recherche

Monaco / Park Palace
Superficie : 154,90 m
Prix :12 200 000

Dtails du produit

Lorenza von Stein Monaco - Immobilier Monaco

Chteau Prigord - Spacieux quatre pices

Monaco / Chteau Perigord
Superficie : 130 m
Prix :6 850 000

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